Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noffsinger Novels

My life to me is one huge storybook! I wanted to start up my blog again but not focus so much on my weight but more about happier topics such as my new baby girl and being newly married! I wanted to have a place to detail the experiences we are having with Addi and milestones and that hopefully one day when she gets older, she can look back at this blog to capture some memories about her childhood.
I wish I would have documented my pregnancy a little more as it was a great one but I was just too lazy. I do have a paper journal that I tried to track some things with but online, I can update from virtually anywhere and anytime I get the urge. I also want to be able to post pictures in another place other than Facebook, just in case Facebook eventually goes away, my blog will still be available forever. So these first couple of blogs will be pictures and talking about what happened in my life in the past two years!! Here goes...

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